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This is the latest system available with a really nice clean design, and fantastic features. We think our new system is far superior to any other provider including SKYHD+ or Canal+/Digital etc.

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Order your HD multi international Eurobox and pay less than 1 cent per channel per month


Eurobox PRO

  • The latest system available.
  • A clean design.
  • Fantastic features.
  • Superior to any other provider including SKYHD+ or Canal+/Digital etc.
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  • The provided set top box is tiny and has USB ports for recording and Wifi connection
  • Special ‘pre-switch off’ price €169 after switch off €299. Beat the rush and save money
  • Monthly service fee €25
  • Full 14 day money back guarantee if not delighted with the performance




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Wayne and Debbie T - Fuen…

I've told everyone I know about your company

When you said we could get all our favourite German channels AND also the UK ones we did not believe it. Now I...

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Mr and Mrs Ted N - Torreq…

Can't believe how cheap it is

We have had your service for 4 months now, not had any problems with it all the UK channels we wanted without any of the...

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Mr Tony F - Benahavis

Loads of Channels

Thanks for getting the install done so quickly, Your engineer was great, very neat and I could not believe my eyes when I saw all the channels. I'm...

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Nigel S - Los Arqueros

An absolute no brainer!

I have a bar and now can offer Live Premiership Football which brings the customers in every Saturday for a 3:00 kick off. I have in the...

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Thomas B - Istan

Hard to believe!

When I first heard about this service I thought “Hard to believe” and it is. It is absolutely fantastic. I get all the channels I was paying over...

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Best TV Choice the home of the EUROBOX & satellite services. Order Your HD Multi International Eurobox and Pay Less than one Euro cent per Channel per Month Best TV Choice is a company based in Marbella supplying TV services to a multi international audience on the Costa del Sol. We have customers all along the Costa del Sol who we've provided a quality service installing and advising for over 12 years.

We offer a customer any kind of TV viewing experience from community work to individual sky installation, Freeview, home theatre and more. If you need Freesat, Sky, or anything else satellite TV related on the Costa del Sol contact us to see how we can help.   CALL US 902 848 902