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C Ritson – Benalmadena

Travel with it everywhere

We take our Eurobox everywhere we go. Have used it in USA, Costa Rica, Uk and our home in Spain. It is so small it fits in your pocket and with 7 day catch up we never miss a program,

Thanks BTVC

M Adamson - Murcia

Never Missed a Match

I have had the Eurobox PRO 3 years and love it. I have never missed a match. Would recommend it to everyone.

Mr and Mrs Ted N - Torreq

Can’t believe how cheap it is
We have had your service for 4 months now, not had any problems with
it all the UK channels we wanted without any of the hassle with SKY
and we can’t believe how cheap it is.
We will tell all our friends and once again thank you.

Johann Saliba - Malta

Eurobox MALTA

As the only dealer in Malta that sells the Eurobox I can say we have many happy customers. And a lot are bars that do not want to miss their important sport.

 See contact us if you live in Malta to get your Eurobox.

V Lewis - Queensland Australia

From Down Under

Could not wait to get my Eurobox. We live in Australia and it only took a week to get here. Brilliant we now have British TV and all the sport we could ever want. The wife can now watch Corrie and Emmerdale too. We are recommending to all other Ex pats here too.

J Homes - NYC USA

Hi From the Big Apple

Just got my Eurobox and it really is brilliant. At last Blighty TV

Bortec – Nicosia Cyprus

Your Dealer in Cyprus

We are dealers in Cyprus and now been selling the Eurobox for some time. All I can say is the support is great and incredible channel selection. We have a lot of happy clients. See contact us to get yours!

Khalid Jamal – Dubai United Arab Emirates

Eurobox moved with us to Dubai

Been with BTVC for many years, we now live in Dubai so you can imagine what a relief it was to find we can still get all our channels here with the Eurobox Sports.

 Excellent value and service

Matt qld Australia

Great box, can watch all the EPL games and other sports on the sky sports channels. Also the general entertainment channels. Ideal to watch UK channels even on a adsl 1 connection

Gloria H

Thanks for the update. Thank God I’m not a footy fan bad enough to sit up waiting for my granddaughter till 1.0am with no music and no Graham Norton or worse. No Scott and Bailey.

Kindest Regards Gloria H


Thanks for the information. In resetting the MagBox I forgot to make a note of the portal address. Please can you reply with details.

Many thanks

Iain M

Thanks for the update.

All seems to be fine now except that I can’t access any HD channels.  Are they still affected by the hack? 

It may or may not be relevant but after the drama first thing this morning  I had to restart by ‘choosing a portal; I think I chose the right one

Eleanor B

Thank you so much for your very prompt reply, much appreciated.   All is now well.

many thanks

Anslie M

Dear David and the team,

Well done sorting out this problem fast. We hope these hackers get caught or better still someone hacks them out.

Kind regards,
Tony T.

Peter O

I’d rather reply than click on an univited link, but I can confirm that my reply was to congratulate your excellent communication when you had some technical problems. All services can have problems but all too many leave their cuistomers completely in the dark. I am glad we chose to change to BTVC!


Peter O

Mnay thanks. The TV this evening was perfect. Your regular communication and information was much appreciated!  Excellent service in difficult circumstances – well done.

Gloria H

Sir, no problems with equipment and very happy to have reception back and in good time considering the amount of trouble you must have had locating the fault. What benefit is there from a hacker’s view,  in spoiling hundreds of people’s enjoyment young and old. Unfortunately there are sick individuals but once again has prevailed. Thank you once again and for your valued updates throughout the year Regards

Thanks for your quick response to the problem I thought it was something I had done bit all perfect now rgds David G

Well done for getting it sorted and thanks for the update!

Dr. William J

Many thanks for that.  There was no difficulty in reconnecting, with an excellent picture but no sound.  So turned tele’ and Box off and restarted in a few hours’ perfect sound and picture.  These little problems are there to try us!!  Well done for connecting so quickly and let us hope the hackers go down forever never to be HAPPY.  Best wishes. 


Never mind the “Knockers”, I think you do a brilliant job and full marks for getting the system back up and running under such circumstances


Dear David,

I am writing to express my gratitude to you for your personal assistance in sorting out the configuration of my Eurobox system. After a lot of time spent on the phone you requested that I send the box to you for checking. It was perfectly well and then you involved yourself and the manufacturer with my ISP to sort them out. The ISP needed your assistance on the problem.

Peter Montague-Smith

Hi Luk,

I would like to thank you for your fast and efficient service in effecting the changeover to the new Best Choice TV system, which has now been activated.

I also compliment you on electing to work as a partner with Best TV Choice. Their service is also excellent and I am so pleased that we entrusted you when we decided to try the TV system.

Kind regards,
Peter Montague-Smith

Mick Adamson - Torrevieja

Occasionally, you come across a situation where the answer to a number of questions is the same.

So it is with “Best TV choice.”

Where can I see my football every day of the week?
Which television programme provider gives you best value for money?
Which provider responds quickest when there is a problem?
Who supplies the biggest range of films, TV series, sport and documentaries?
Whose box fits conveniently into your pocket?
Who gives an international service?
Who tailors their package to suit your needs?

See what I mean?